…there is no comparable rental home on the entire Istrian peninsula.

Expressed through clean lines, light, lively colors, grounding stone columns, this family-owned, ZEN-style luxury home with a touch of warm, feminine decor will fill you with joy, relaxation and harmony. Sipping at your cup of coffee on your south-east balcony in the morning, following the rising sun, overlooking the harbor or enjoying reading a book on the south-west balcony while taking in the sunset over the Sea, is what will make your vacation here rich in unforgettable, SOUL-NOURISHING moments. Your ‘sea front home away from’ home is fully equipped with a full kitchen, a flat screen TV with international broadcasts, a DVD player, two double-bedrooms – the ‘White Crystal Room’ and ‘The Green Zen Room’, a large rain-shower bathroom with double sinks, a cooling and warming air conditioning system, two balconies and a manager and a cleaning lady on demand.

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